Why You Should Start A Blog Now

Throughout the years, blogging has taken over the internet. You can search for something, and blogs would appear out there, answering numerous questions running through your head. Whether it’s a blog about health, love, lifestyle, books you love, or any other topics, one must have encountered blogs at least once in their life.

But what is a blog?

A blog is a website that talks about different topics, and it can be anything under the sun! Not only is it enjoying to read these, but themes of those blogs even pull you in and make you want to make one. It is a platform where you can write anything you want, whatever you want. It can even serve as one’s diary or offer different information about one’s experiences in various things that they do in life.

It is a site that is managed by a writer, or a group of writers to write about topics that they are interested in or are sharing the same views about.

Blogging, however, is not only about texts because you can also release your creative spirit and be free to express and show everyone what you have and want to. You can even attach pictures, videos, and even GIFs to explain further and be more detailed and creative about your blog entry!

Seems interesting, right? So, here are a few reasons why you should start a blog now.

You can express yourself more.

Being able to freely express one’s self is something that is beautiful, but sometimes hard to do. We all have stories we want to tell others, stories we want to tell, but sometimes it’s just hard to speak them out. Maybe you are afraid of what might others say or what others might think of you if you express yourself and your views verbally, but blogging can help you with that.

By starting a blog, you’re allowing yourself to write what you want, however you want. You can express your thoughts and feelings with a blog entry, tackling a topic that you want to talk about but can’t really do in person. With your blog, you’re the boss and you can say what you want, write what you want.

You’re free to express yourself and be proud of it!

You can inspire other people through your blog.

Sometimes, our opinions, whether we realize it or not, help people in some way. Maybe they’re the words that a person out there needs to hear, and can boost themself to be a better version of themselves.

Maybe the person reading your blog is having a hard time, but they encountered some words from you and suddenly, they were encouraged to do something and overcome what they’re going through. Or maybe, the reader is looking for something to inspire them to keep on going or do something new, so don’t hold back. Write that blog! Be the light in someone’s day. Be an inspiration to others.

Hearing how people’s thoughts about something can inspire someone, sharing yours in a blog can be really helpful not only to yourself but also to others, too!

You can improve your writing skills.

Just like iron which rusts, your writing skills can rust, too, if you don’t practice them. We all have stories we want to tell, and keeping them inside can really feel heavy. Write that blog, practice your writing. Don’t let your iron rust and break down.

So, to retain your writing skills and still be able to enjoy what you’re doing, starting a blog can enhance both your writing and your creativity.

You can earn by having a blog.

It’s not a lie when they say that you can earn by having a blog. Many bloggers also started small, until they grew into big writers who earn by writing their thoughts out. Doing what you love and earning from it at the same time is such a good thing, right?

Some bloggers earn enough money to buy what they need, through their blogging. Maybe you’ve heard about it already, but it really is possible.

There are different ways you can earn from your blog, but what’s most popular would probably placing ads on the sidebar. Google Adsense can help you with that, as it is not only effective but you also need not to contact advertisers directly. Google will be the one placing the ads that is relevant to your blog.

Having a blog, enjoying doing it and earning from it. Sounds like a good plan.

You can gain friends who have similar interests and views through blogging.

Now, from the start, the blogging community is a good community. Through blogging, also, you can find great friends who share the same interests and views with you! Friends aren’t hard to find, but finding real ones are. And maybe, you can find that real friend through blogging.

Blogging also allows you to freely comment your thoughts on another’s blog. Discussing the topics you’re interested in, gradually forming a friendship and bond with your co-bloggers cannot only give you friends but also motivation to write and continue even more.

You can develop your self-confidence.

Writing that blog and eventually growing, one can develop his or her self-confidence. Through blogging, you can share your thoughts freely. This sense of freedom can give you confidence with yourself, your thoughts and opinions. Also, knowing that people support your blog can also boost one’s self-confidence!

You can track your life and look back on it years later.

Writing a blog can also serve as one’s journal, or diary. You can write about your daily life, achievements, fashion evaluations, travel, and more through blogging. Once time passes by, isn’t it great to look back on these blogs and see what you’ve been through, what you’ve enjoyed at a certain part of your life? Blogging can be like a time capsule for you, too!

You can encounter different opportunities.

People say opportunities come in different ways and different forms. Maybe, yours is on its way with blogging! There are many stories out there of bloggers who grew and became happier with their lives due to their blogging journey.

Maybe you’ve heard the name Perez Hilton somewhere, without knowing… he was once a blogger whose blog covered celebrity gossips! At one point, he attempted to be an actor but thought that blogging was easier than acting, though. Through blogging, however, he grew into a successful man who now has his own reality show and radio show!

If you want to be someone like Mario Lavandeira (Perez Hilton), blogging can be your stepping stone to your successful journey in life!

Blogging is very flexible. You can do anything you want, write anything you want and enjoy it! It can be about anything and everything, your imagination is the only limitation.

What are you waiting for, then? Start your own blog now. You might be the next Perez Hilton in your own way, too!

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